18 June 2009

to Will Clendening

[i have only now been able to post this. i wrote this three years ago after the death of a very dear friend. june 3rd marked the third year of his loss.]

smell of fresh rain and wet concrete

the leaves moved to applaud
relief from heat

tiny drops tapped
the napes of necks
bent in grief

tears turn to mist
to form a fog of you
bound by disbelief


but we planted a tree for you

and you painted the sky
your shade of blue
and a warm orange

i hope to make apple pies
in your memory.


  1. Anonymous20 June, 2009

    Thanks for posting this. It is quiet and moving. I always think of Will especially at this time of year for his death but also for his birthday too. The lines, 'tiny drops tapped/ the napes of necks/ bent in grief" is beautifully phased and is so stirring.

  2. This is beautiful - I think of Will often --Doug

  3. Lesley Miller28 November, 2009

    I remember Will sitting on my side porch over at my little house in Woodbine, he seemed to like it there as we all did. Vivian once said that it reminded her of a movie set.......I miss them both.