29 November 2009

my sunday

I followed a familiar path
and looked for signs of you

even though I wasn't really sure
that I even wanted to find you.

I moved alongside your footprints,
stepped in and out of your shadow,

but I found my way without you,
glancing back only to watch
the sun glow between strands of curls.

And I climbed rocks and
stood tall on boulders,

and not once did I reach for your hand.

I found my way to the edge
without you.

Facing this space that holds eternity,
I stretch out my hand to grab onto
something more.

I try to whisper to myself,
but the wind steals my words.

I sit

and I wait
for this moment to pass.

1 comment:

  1. I read this and everything around me stopped. and was silent for a moment...even the thoughts in my head. And I was taken by nostalgia.

    It's really beautiful.