09 December 2009

auspicious for a girl

reeling through an endless fall,
she touches the sky
and two worlds collide.

every drop of flame
lights a candle
in memory of the one
who lived inside her skin.

the fire dies on its own
leaving her to herself
but not exactly alone.

the moon is hers

but stars turn to dust
and leave no trace
of grace

just a shadow on the sun.

the fragile waves of days
break against the shore
and it's nobody's fault
but her own.

she's not lost
just wandering.

and she knows today might be
the most perfect day she's ever seen.

pale as a pile of bones
she speaks his name out loud
and wonders when he will bring the rain back
to her.

she thinks,
if the best is for the best
then the best is unkind.

she waits until morning
to wake him

and sings:

dos gardenias para tí
con ellas quiero decir:
te quiero, te adoro, mi vida.
ponle toda tu atención
porque son tu corazón y el mío.

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